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Hunting Back Packs

Our hunting packs come in a variety of configurations to suit your hunting needs.  Whether you are hiking into the backcountry for a weeklong elk hunt or sitting a whitetail stand for the morning, we have a pack for you.  No matter which design you choose, all of our packs are up to the task.

We build everything right here in the USA and extensively test our products before they are brought to market.  Being hunters ourselves, we set out with a singular focus every day...building a better hunting pack.   This guiding principle has led to our series of simple, functional and affordable hunting backpacks. 

While some of our competition has lost their way over the last few years we remain true to our hunting roots.  For the most part, we aren't mountaineeers; we aren't concerned with looking good at the club and we don't have (or need) to spend $500 on a hunting pack.

You won't find a bunch of gimmicks on our packs.  Simple is better.  If it doesn't need to be there...it isn't!  We focus on the features hunters need.  Features like:

  • Quiet - Our flocked nylon exteriors are soft and supple.  Whether you are stalking through the brush or adjusting in your blind - our packs won't reveal your position.  We also utilize no rattle rubberized zipper pulls.
  • Lightweight - We think you should pack your gear, not your pack.  By avoiding unnecessary features and making efficient use of materials we have some of the lightest packs on the mountain.
  • Durable - While most reputable pack companies offer a lifetime warranty these days, that warranty won't do you much good on the second day of your 10 day bear hunt if your pack fails.  Instead of skimping on materials and hoping we don't have to make good on too many claims we use the best materials money can buy.  The number one failure prone area on any pack is the zipper.  All of our zippers are YKK - #10 on the main compartments and #8 on the pockets.  Our pack materialis made in a 2 stage process that laminates an inner layer of durable ripstop nylon to our outer flocked nylon layer.  This process gives us a uniqe finished product that is very durable, quiet, lightweight, water resistant and burr proof.
  • Comfortable - While you might think that comfortable would be an assumption of any pack we can assure you it isn't!  We have tried on lots of packs over the years that look great until you get them on your back.  We can't be sure, but it feels like some of these packs came right off the drawing board, went straight into production in China and then showed up in your local sporting goods store all before someone had tried one on.  You won't find that here...our average pack spends a few years in the testing phase before it ever sees production. Our packs are cut and contoured to fit comfortably and we include multiple points of adjustment with plenty of range to be properly fit.  Our nylon webbing is wider than average and padded where it counts.